To establish the department of pharmacy we aim to educate and train the people for present as well as for future concern so that they become useful and productive member of health care team, thus, serving the needs of society in best possible way. The Department of pharmacy is committed to provide an environment of academic excellence and research, and social responsibilities that facilitate and propagate the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the profession of pharmacy and the deciplines in pharmacy education.

It is the need of the region that the large number of students are insisting/demanding every year for admission in pharmacy from entire Sindh, as Shah Abdul Latif University is the only Institute in upper sindh that can cater the pharmacy education in upper sindh no private institute can carry out pharmacy education in upper sindh.Whereas,in Karachi there are about three private institutioins besides faculty of pharmacy ay Karachi university who approximately admit about 360-400 students every year.Also a large number of foreign students from more than 12 countries apply and get admission there.As per through survey a maximum number of foreign students in Pakistan are studing in institute of pharmacy university of sindh.

Keeping the population of rest of the sindh ecept Karachi we must admit about 60 students every year so that the long standing demand and due right could be justified.

Department of pharmacy will comprise of initially four subjects like pharmaceutics (including Microbiology)Pharmaceuitical Chemistry (including Biochemistry)Pharmacology(including Physiology)and Pharmacognosy(including Phytochemistry)and in future new subjects like department of estern medicine etc could be started.We want to start Pham D(Five year courses)with new subjects like chemical pharmacy,anatomy,histology,pathology etc.We are also anxious to establish research nucleus as RESEARCH CENTER OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCE in near future which will provide us a window for collaborating with pharmaceutical industries institution R&D sector in country as well as abroad.This research Institute will also attract students for postgraduate students(M.Phil/Ph.D).This program will no doubt save foreign exchange to be spent on our student and help to produce qualified persons to serve the nation in better way.