Directorate of Research

Prof. Dr. Samina Rajper
Director (ORIC

Knowledge based economy is the most important pillar for a nation’s growth and height. In view of the importance of knowledge based economy, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur originated Directorate of Research, i.e., OFFICE OF RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND COMMERCIALIZATION in 1994. The main purpose of this Directorate is to encourage the members of academic staff to promote research activities within the University, to advise and help in planning and preparing research projects, to provide facilities for the running projects, to recommend financial aids for new projects on the advise of the Research Committee.

The Directorate is always in contact with various local and overseas funding agencies to get research grants for projects of national interests. It also tries to develop collaboration with various research organizations so as to establish joint research projects. Apart from that it organizes research seminar lectures of research fellows working for M.Phil and Ph.D degrees as well as invites eminent scholars to give lectures.

Capacity Building

The ORIC, SALU, Khairpur is striving continuously to provide trainings for capacity building of faculty and students. Various Trainings/workshops/Seminars has been organized time to time within main Campus and other campuses also.