Dr. Tanveer Abbasi is numbered at the top positions among the top level intellectuals, poets and Research scholars in modern Sindhi language. His services rendered to literature and art has earned fame not only on national but also at the international level. Since the inception of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur, he remained affiliated to this sole alma mater of northern Sindh till the last breath of his life. He remained one of those individuals who contributed at their maximum capacity for improvement and betterment of the university. He also contributed well in establishment and betterment of Sachal Chair in the university. He remained first Advisor and later on worked as Research Director in Sachal Chair also. His services for this great institution are unforgettable. After his death, the then Vice Chancellor of the Shah Abdul Latif University had established a corner in the name of the late intellectual on 1st December 2002 to commemorate his works and services rendered to Sindhi language and literature. Mr. Ayaz Gul, Assistant Professor of Sindhi Department and poet of fame is assigned to be the first In-charge of the corner.

Dr. Tanveer Abbasi was an intellectual in true sense of the word and Research scholar and one of the most aesthetically rich poets in Sindhi language whose wit, intellect is widely acknowledged. He was a widely red fellow who tried to transform whatever he red to the coming generations. His poetic works left indelible marks on the modern Sindhi poetry; especially the younger generations of poets in Sindh remained under constant influence of Tanveer Abbasi. Younger breed of writers and intellectuals always tried to extract wisdom from the writings and discourses of the late scholar. The imperative under which the corner was established was to gather the works and researches of the late Tanveer Abbasi so that the coming generations must not be deprived of his intellect and aesthetics and he may be introduced to the subsequent breeds of artists and scholars. The corner named after Tanveer’s name has taken a few initial steps, the details of which are as under: