Archaeology & Anthropology Museum

The PC-I of the museum was approved by HEC and the building has completed. This museum display a representative collection of all archaeological periods. The building contains two major display halls. The ground floor where archaeological material collected by department of archaeology through various survey and excavation projects will be displayed. The artifacts will also be loaned from federal and provincial department as well.

On the first floor anthropological items will be displayed for the common traditional features of societies from all provinces of Pakistan that how they actually look during their daily life. There will be display of other items like, arms. Embroidery, jewelry, coins, ancient document etc. there are several galleries where cultural items will be displayed .

The museum illustrates the art, crafts and cultures of the country from earliest human occupation down to recent times. This would also include a gallery showing village life and working of ancient traditional crafts of all regions and present ethnographic view of the cultures of each region. In many countries archaeological research is carried out in the museum as well, apart from the university, and play the role of laboratories for the archeology institutes, but in Pakistan it is not the case, the national and provisional museums are mainly display centers playing hardly any role in the academic research and analytical studios, the museum being established by us is being built on scientific lines where we will have the facility for analytical studies infract this would be the first in Pakistan with such facilities . this museum has a well equipped chemical and conservation laboratory for the treatment and preservation of museum specimen (metals, stone, pottery, pottery, bones etc.) in addition to working rooms and storage space.

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