The “Rozey Dhani Chair” was established in 2005 the first phase of the building of Chair has been completed and handed-over on 27th January 2010 to Research Officer/Incharge Rozey Dhani Chair.

Brief History of Pir Sayed Muhammad Rashid “Rozey Dhani

Pir Sayed Muhammad Rashid properly known as "Rozey Dhani" was born on 6th Ramzan 1170 A.D. and died on 1st Shahban 1233 A.D. (1757 – 1818) a spiritual leader and he is founder of "Rashdi Institute" at Pir-Jo-Goth, District Khairpur in the vicinity of this University. His scholarly contribution is universal in nature and practical guidance for humanity, in Modem Scientific Society and will surely save it from the fast approaching disaster, if read, understood and preached properly.   

Pir Sayed Muhammad Rashid is very much honored and respected among the community of spiritual guides on account of his “Malfoozat” (Sayings) which are full of wisdom and spiritual guidance. It is the expression and feeling of a high religious scholar which provided the solution of the problems of our society. The main solution was enchanting of the diversity and duality. Though, he was a spiritual leader but maintained human and social relations throughout his life. 

He spent his 35 precious years in preaching of Islam, and Silsila, Qadria, Rashdia School of thought. His famous book is (JAMA- UL-JAWAMIO) consisting three thousand pages are of considerable interest, based upon religion and theology.

His 46 letters written in reply to various literary and spiritual personalities on the theme of divine union mysticism and other aspects of life inviting the attention of Researchers, Scholars & People of every walk of life. Pir Muhammad Rashid made no less contribution to reveal the secrets of human life proceeding towards the path of truth.