The Advisory Board of Rozey Dhani Chair is consisting on the following learned scholars and academicians.

  1. Prof: Dr Parveen Shah                               Chairperson
    Vice Chancellor
  2. Prof: Dr Abdullah Phulpoto                        Member
    Pro-Vice Chancellor
  3. Prof. Syed Qalander Shah Lakyari            Member
  4. Mr. Khan Muhammad Hingorjo                  Member
  5. Mr. Rasool Bux Samejo                             Member
  6. Mufti Muhammad Raheem Sikandri          Member
  7. Mufti Abdul Raheem Sikandri ,                  Member
  8. Mr. Jan Muhammad Mangrio                     Member
  9. Ustad Nizamani, Sanghar                          Member            
  10. Mr. Mushtaque Ahmed Nizamani               Member / Secretary
    Research Officer