The Department of Business Administration has been upgraded in to the Institute of Business Administration by the Academic Council in the year 2019. The Institute of Business Administration is offering BBA and MBA (3.5 years & MBA 1.5 Years) Programs. In addition to these programs the Institute proudly announces BS Accounting & Finance (04 Years) Program from Academic Year 2020.

The values of Institute of Business Administration in terms of services, operations and resources have been unique. All regular faculty members of Institute of Business Administration are Ph.D holders (Indigenous as well as foreign qualified) and perform extremely well in their relevant specialization like Marketing, Banking & Finance,

Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. They impart their expertise to students in teaching methodology, research direction and how to hunt jobs and scholarships. Corporate executives are also invited as guest speakers to conduct seminars on different topics. They share professional experiences that enable students to meet the challenges of 21st century and to make them the valuable members of the society. Shah Abdul Latif University is focusing to strengthen the infrastructure of Institute of Business Administration like wider class rooms with multimedia built-in, seminar library, computer lab with internet & digital access service and subsidized transport facilities are in access to students. The graduates of Business Administration have an admirable internship and employment record in public and private organization of Pakistan.