The Institute of English Language and Literature originally the Department of English (1989) was upgraded in 2014 as an Institute offering degrees in Language, Linguistics and Literature. It is one of the oldest and top- rated departments of the University. Since its inception the department played an important role in teaching of English compulsory to 28 departments/institutes of the University and then establishing its own specialization degree programmes in Language, Linguistics & Literature. The Institute is offering BS (Four years) in English Linguistics and Literature; M.A of two years duration in Linguistics and Literature and M.Phil/MS in Linguistics and Literature. These degree programs meet national requirements and standards. With 23 members of academic staff, the Institute teaches across the whole range of English Studies from English literature to modern Linguistics.
We try to provide students with stimulating and challenging environment in which they can develop their competence and skills in all areas of English Linguistics and Literature. Thus, the overall objective of the Institute is to enable students to acquire an advanced conceptual knowledge and technical skills in Linguistics, Literary, Cultural, Communicative, Critical, Creative, and Humanistic competence broad enough to make them succeed in diverse walks of practical life quite effectively and efficiently.
We provide intensive monitoring to our students both in and outside of the classroom in a wide variety of forums. Lectures, workshops, conferences, trainings and debates make up our calendar. We take pride in the fact that students here are taught with great care & love.
  1. BS (Four-Year) in English (Linguistics) (Morning & Evening Program) 
  2. BS (Four-Year) in English (Literature) (Morning & Evening Program) 
  3. M.A (Two-Year) (Linguistics) 
  4. M.A (Two-Year) (Literature) 
  5. M.A (Two-Year) (Languages & Literature) (Evening Program) 
  6. M. Phil (Linguistics) (New intake is temporarily suspended) 
  7. M. Phil (Literature) (New intake is temporarily suspended)