The department of Political Science has been established in 2006. It provides an ideal setting for students and learners at all levels to engage them with novel ideas, through creative research in all the discipline‚Äôs sub-fields, as well as in an arrangement of interdisciplinary areas of inquiry. The Department has been at the forefront in contributing to such newer areas of Political Science inquiry as gender and politics, as well as race, ethnicity, indigenous peoples and politics, with the publications of research papers of faculty members in such areas. The Department of Political Science is a vibrant and exciting academic environment.

Department offers a broad and varied curriculum with exciting modules in the areas of International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Theories, Public Policy, Good Governance and Local Government. These modules cover a broad range of topics, including contemporary international politics, foreign policy, political economic, politics of Pakistan, regional politics, the history of political ideas and contemporary political theory. The department is particularly strong in the study of Asian politics, including the politics, and relations of Pakistan with Muslim world and South Asia. The study about European and American countries is also the major part of the study.

Students are encouraged for research in the field of politics connects with culture, religion, ethnicity, morality and other vital social concerns.

Department is the attainment of academic excellence by means of employing modern techniques of research. The purpose of the department is to work for the Political and Social Development.