The Department of Political Science is the guiding light for the future of the coming generations of our beloved home and the international society. As far as the discipline of Political Science, Politics and the Political Philosophy is concerned it is the only one discipline which deals with how to make the present citizens and the future generations happy in this complex world of governments. Political Science intends for creating peaceful paths- moral and justified laws and theories- that help human being to run society in harmonious environment.

The faculty members of the department are committed rigorously to advance new knowledge, philosophy through introducing new subjects, like human rights, good governance and global politics.

As a department, we are embarking on a new and exciting phase of the development, the ever-increasing intellectual exchange between our staff and students; between our scholars, the foreign and the guest intellectuals. The department is committed to promote multiculturalism through accepting all communities without any considerations of race, ethnicity, caste and religion.


  1. BS (Four-Year)
  2. M.A (Two-Year)