Knowledge about a country specially for one’s own its history, Geography, Idealogy and national aspirations, its culture, coustomes and traditions, its language and litrature, social structure and eithical values and its geo-politial situation and economic conditions, administrative structure and strategic importance is matter of great importance. All of this about PAKISTAN is being imported at the department of Pakistan Studies. This is the one of the new diciplines introduced at Shah Abdul Latif University, the objective of the department of Pakistan Studies is to promote education regarding above aspect about Pakistan. It is a comprehensive academic program that clarifies fact about the past, realities of the presents and challenges of the future about the people in Pakistan.

It is the discipline envisaging various ideas and approach to humanities and social sciences. The aim is to prepare students for the service of the nation in various aspects of life and society. The department of Pakistan Studies (DPS) is great source of knowledge to produce Scholars, teachers and civil servants with great caliber DPS generates knowledge and expertise to produce academic leadership and international level with spirit of Pakistan.