Biochemistry plays a major role for the betterment of human beings, animals and plants. Biochemistry course will give grounding in a subject that forms the basis of virtually all of the biological sciences. Department of Biochemistry is dedicated to teach biochemistry in a stimulating environment and provides opportunity to learn and perform experiments. Students perform experiments and motivated for research. The Master courses in biochemistry were started in 1996 in Department of Chemistry. Biochemistry department is functioning as full-fledged department since 2004. Presently students are enrolled in different courses for the degree of B.S (4 Year Program), M. Sc Pass, M.S/M.Phil and Ph.D. The minor courses of biochemistry are also taught in other departments such as Microbiology, Botany, Zoology and Chemistry.


  1. B.S (Four-Year)
  2. M.Sc (Two-Year) 
  3. M.S/M.Phl 
  4. Ph.D.