In 1976, the Department of Archaeology became part of an academic institution now famously known as Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur. During its infancy life of three decades, it has achieved its excellence in quality education and research consequently, this department is recognized as one of the leading departments nationally and internationally where higher degrees of BS, M.Sc., MS/M. Phil and Ph.D. are awarded under the supervision of Professors, who are well-qualified. The major focus of this department is to produce professionals with a higher degree of knowledge associated with Archaeology of Pakistan. The scholars and students have been given an opportunity and a place to meet and share the academic experience. The delegates around the globe visit and work collaborately in the field survey and excavation this department.

Pakistan in general and Sindh in particular is bestowed with a rich cultural heritage, which ranks high in the world. The whole country is replete with Archaeological Sites of different periods, ranging from Palaeolithic to Historic Period. There is a great need to make the public aware of the rich Archaeological Heritage of Pakistan. Thousands of sites are being destroyed due to lack of Archaeological awareness by the Public and Private sector. In order to create this consciousness and produce trained manpower, who would Document, Record and Preserve the National Heritage in a better way.


  1. BS (4-Year) 
  2. M.Sc. (2-Year) 
  3. MS/M.Phil 
  4. Ph.D.