To produce graduates who have intelligence, expertise, good behaviour, virtue and responsibility

The Department of Microbiology was established along with the Faculty of Science in 1976. It is among one of the best departments in the university. We have 15 academic staffs, of which 09 are Ph.D. holder and approximately 150 students. The department carries out the fundamental microbiology courses for undergraduate students from various faculties and also advanced microbiology courses and multi-disciplinary research programs for the graduate students.

There are a wide variety of research programs available in the department, including microbial pathogenesis, microbial enzymology, environmental microbiology, microbial diversity and ecology, and modern biotechnology.

The laboratories in Department are sufficiently equipped for basics of microbiology and recently we have received RS. 709,000 on equipment grant from HEC Islamabad to enhance the status of Research Laboratory. We take pride in launching our trainees into successful and productive main stream careers who are serving in various capacities at different private and public establishments of the country.