The Alumni Association commits itself to:

  1. To organize and update the database of members Alumni Association (Graduates) Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur.
  2. Fostering a spirit of brotherhood and fraternity among the alumni of the university,
  3. Providing a forum for the alumni for sharing of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues of the day,
  4. Arranging social and cultural events and alumni get-togethers,
  5. Looking after the general interests of the alumni,
  6. To acquire Funds/ Donations/ Books / Computers and students Laboratory / studio equipment.
  7. Raising funds for welfare purposes.
  8. To acquire scholarships/ awards for extraordinary students of Shah Abdul Latif Universit, Khairpur each year. 
  9. To organize lecture for career counseling resume, preparation and human recourse assistance to fresh graduates. 
  10. To publish and circulate job opportunities advertised national and international media / electronic media. 
  11. To provide information and assistance to students for higher studies aboard. 
  12. To communicate with donor agencies for donations to initiate social and community services as well as beautification of the campus.