Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah


I feel immense pleasure to write my message on first ever establishment of Shah Latif university Alumni Association since the birth of this university in 1987. In order to bring our graduates closer and make them act as a think tank to address various socio-economic, cultural and academic issues challenging the nation, and make them serve the nation in a more befitting manner, it was to establish an alumni association of the university. This association will act as a liaison not only among the alumni but also between students and alumni for transfer of knowledge and experience from older to younger generation.

Shah Abdul Latif University with a faculty of more than 200 is a reputed institution of higher education and research in north of Sind. Currently, about 6000 students are enrolled in the university in various fields of natural sciences, social sciences, arts & humanities and business administration. Large numbers of graduates from this university are serving in various prestigious positions at national and international levels. No doubt these graduates are most valuable asset and are the representative of this institution.

As a university we value the highest academic & professional standards, indebted to social, cultural & economic obligations. We have a strong faith to shaping and whereby changing the future of this nation. We have a dream for this university where it would work under transparent & widely respected system of imparting higher education. We have clearly set our priorities and strategies that will occupy us in the forthcoming years. Shah Abdul Latif University is a highly ambitious and rapidly expanding university.

I congratulate the Alumni team and its organising committee for their notable contribution in establishment of this association and wish them great success and achievement of their objectives in future

Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto