In next quarter, GEP-team is looking forward to start 2 month Diploma course in Gender Studies. The curriculum for the diploma and the formal request for remuneration are already sent to the grant holder.

For that matter, the chapters from the HEC recognised syllabus of the BA in Gender Studies are to be included.

Further, the students exchange visit to University of Sindh Jamshoro would be finalized in the next quarter.

Along with, all functions enlisted in the budget documents will be accomplished successfully.

It is to be mentioned here that the amount to be payable to the instructors in the diploma course has not been allocated in the budget. Without remuneration, no instructor or teacher from the university is willing to teach. Without budget we are afraid the diploma course cannot be initiated.

Therefore, it may be proposed that amount equal to Rs. 60000/ (Fifty Thousand only) may be initiated for the remuneration of two instructors (Rs. 30,000/ for each per course) for next quarter.