Academic Support Services

  1. Educational Counseling & Guidance Center
    The students take educational course without realizing their potential, abilities and skills. The students are provided guidance, counseling on the basis of scientific investigation to choose programs of studies suited to their genius. The students take course without realizing what vocation/occupation is best suited to them. Thus, there is a mismatch between what they choose and what they are best equipped for. This Center helps to minimize the mismatch and rush for disciplines that do not hold much promise for students’ future.
  2. Library
    The Central Library of the University is a source of information for all graduate, as well as, post-graduate programs and also related material for research students. The Library contains 101888 books. (Book Bank and Government Publications), with providing the facility of online digital library linked with HEC, the Central Library consists of following sections:
    • Book Bank Section
      As majority of students of this University, belong to poor families and cannot afford the purchase of expensive text books particularly on Science subjects. In order to facilitate such poor students, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad provided 10817 text books on different subjects through National Book Foundation under Book Bank Scheme. These are issued to the students on nominal charges for one academic session.
    • Reference Section
      In order to raise the research potential reference work like Encyclopedias, Year Books, Hand books, Annual Reports, Atlases etc are made available for reference of students, teachers and research fellows of the University.
    • Internet Facility
    • Smart University Project
      Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur provide the State of art Smart WiFi network service to its students. Students can use smart university services within university premises. As well as more than 35 other universities of Pakistan with same user ID and password under the Smart University Project
    • Newspapers
      Approximately 30 dailies are available at Central Library.
    • Library Timings
      In order to provide more reading facilities to the students, faculty & research scholars, the Central Library remain opened for 12 hours from 8:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M on all the working days, during Semester examinations from 8:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M, as desired by the worthy Vice Chancellor.
  3. Seminar Libraries
    In addition to the Central Library every individual Institutes/Departments has a Seminar Library of its own with a sufficient number of books to suffice the needs of the teachers and the taught.
  4. Sport Facilities
    Adequate facilities are available at the University for various Games such as Cricket, Foot Ball, Hockey, Volley Ball, Shooting Ball, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Athletics, Kabbadi & Malh. Sports activities are organized under the auspices of the University Gymkhana Committee. Every year the students participate in various games organized by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, such as Inter-Varsity tournaments arranged at various universities of Pakistan. Annual Sports week is also organized by the office of the Directorate of Physical Education, in consultation with Gymkhana Committee of the University.
  5. Medical Facilities
    Consultation and advisory health services are available for the students. A reasonably equipped Dispensary and Pathological Laboratory are looked-after by two (Male & Female) doctors and qualified staff at the Campus. The complicated cases are referred to specialists in the District Hospitals. The ambulance service is also available.
  6. Hostel Facilities
    Shah Abdul Latif University provides five hostels for boys and three for girls. The accommodation available in the hostels is as under.
    • Boys Hostel
      S.No    Name of Hostel Rooms
      1 Prof. Dr. Atta Muhammad Hami Hostel      24
      2 Sachal Sarmast Hostel 28
      3 200 Boys Hostel 68
      4 M.Phil & Ph.D Researchers’ Hostel 20
    • Girls Hostel
      S.No    Name of Hostel Rooms
      1 Noori Girls Hostel              20
      2 Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Girls Hostel        40
      3 Bibi Fatima Zehra Girls M.Phil & Ph.D
      Researchers’ Hostel
    • Allotment Process
      The hostels are allotted to the regular students of the University subject to the availability of seats and accordance with hostel regulations. Interested students apply for hostel accommodation as and when announced. The hostel allotment committee allots the hostel against the vacant seats in district wise and on the basis of distance within the districts. The committee reserves the rights to reject any application without assigning any reason.
    • Administration
      All hostels are supervised by Provost Hostels (Boys) and Provost Hostels (Girls) separately and looked after by the Warden of each hostel and concerned deputy provost hostels

        S.No       Particulars Amount
        1 Hostel Form Fee     Rs. 200/
        2 Hostel Accommodation Fee                Rs. 12000/- Per Annum


  7. Other Facilities
    Each hostel is facilitated with TV hall, mess hall, and Mosque. The hostels are well-furnished and equipped with water coolers, washing machines, geezers, gas cylinders and newspapers etc for the students. Indoor and outdoor sports and WiFi facilities are also available.
  8. Discipline
    All rules and regulations regarding discipline of students formulated are revised by the University from time-to-time in accordance with Shah Abdul Latif University Act 1986. If any student fails to abide by the rules and regulations or is found guilty of misconduct, he/she is liable to appropriate actions as laid down in these regulations.

    Only regular students of the University are eligible to apply for the hostel accommodation on the prescribed form obtained from Provost Hostels Office on payment of Rs. 200/= by a bank challan paid to HBL, SALU, Khairpur branch. The candidates have to fill up the hostel form as per rules of hostels and must submit within the due date specified each time. The forms will not be entertained after due date. A limited number of seats are available each time and the allotment is based on the distribution of available seats district-wise by an Allotment Committee.
  9. Admissions
    Made as per clauses (c) and (d) sub-section (1) of section 30 appended in Shah Abdul Latif University Act, 1986. Short Title: - These regulations shall be called “The Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur (Admission of Students to various classes in the University Teaching Departments) Regulations 1992-93”.
    Commencement: - These Regulations shall come into force with immediate effect.
    Application: - These Regulations shall apply to all the candidates/students seeking admission /admitted to University classes in various teaching departments.
    Definition:- For the purpose of these regulations, the terms used in these Regulations shall have the same meaning as defined in the Shah Abdul Latif University Act, 1986 and the statutes, regulations and rules made there under.