The century we live in, is the century of media. With fast growing technology, the media has also witnessed greater changes in its scope. The success of any Institute depends upon the media coverage, as without the news in media, the events go unnoticed and lose their significance. At Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, this sensitive and onerous responsibility of media coverage, documentation of the news, photo records of the events and their wide publicity is taken by a vibrant, active and vigilant team working as Media Section.

Though currently restricted to a single room, this section covers each and every event, official visit, research and academic activity covering the entire campus. At the reach of this section is every faculty and every activity of Administration Block. As the mouthpiece of the University, the responsibility of Media Section is not restricted to coverage of the news alone; this section also brings out SALUNI Newsletter, plays vital role in publication of every documents of the University ranging from Prospectus to Annual Reports etc.

Media Section also highlights students’ participation in curricular and co-curricular activities. It is the section, usually referred by the students, parents, journalists and public for authentication of information, confirmation of dates and official point of view of the University. Thus, Media Section of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur is not limited to news alone, it has become an information desk of the University and highly visited section of the University by the students and faculty alike. All this have been possible with the kind and benign patronage of the Vice Chancellor who allows this section to work independently and with ease. The section also actively covers social media through Facebook Page and WhatsApp.

Vision of Media Section

Our vision is to be the mouthpiece of the University by highlighting all the leading events, occasions, visits and academic as well as research activities to the print, electronic and social media to create soft, brighter and better image of the University with dedication, commitment and sincerity.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To be the mouthpiece of the University.
  2. To give proper media coverage to all the events, occasions, visits, research as well as academic activities.
  3. To create soft, brighter and better image of the University through print, electronic and social media.
  4. To keep and maintain the record of all the events.
  5. To keep vigilant eye on every news regarding the University and defend the University (in case of any false news published against the University). 
  6. To represent the University at various platforms.
  7. To promote the aims and objectives of the University through media coverage.
  8. To advance the academic excellence of the University through print, electronic and social media to garner public support and appreciation.