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The Department of Chemistry was up-graded into the Institute of Chemistry vide resolution No.07 of 13th meeting of Academic Council held on 11th June-2015, with the goal to provide quality education to the students and maintain the national and international standards. The Institute of Chemistry is playing a very important role in the development of Chemistry Education and Research in Pakistan. The Faculty members are highly qualified and are committed to excellence in academia as well as in research. The performance of students is also outstanding and secured good positions in public and private sectors within country and abroad. The Institute aims at producing professionals with strong background of theoretical and practical chemistry at graduate and post graduate level. It strives to produce graduates who can contribute and upgrade existing technological activities in the country and whom professional brilliance is inseparable from commitment to the national goals.

Besides Organic, In-organic and Physical Chemistry, the Institute has started fourth discipline of Analytical Chemistry since Academic Session 2014. Along with jobs in Government and Semi-Government organizations, the Chemistry has very wide spectrum of fields for graduates like, all kind of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Fertilizer, Oil and Gas, Power Sector, Food , Cement, Sugar , Oil and Ghee , Paints and Dyes, Paper, Plastic industry and Quality Assurance Jobs etc.

There are more than 80 students registered in MS/M.Phil and 07 students in Ph.D program. Many of them have completed their research work and have been awarded degrees and rests of them are engaged in research.. Thirty students of MS/M.Phil and 03 students of Ph.D are pursuing their course work and will start their research within few months.


The Institute of Chemistry envisions that amalgam of knowledge and modern technology in education, not only enhance the academic advancement but also pave an orientation to the applied research that can benefit the national and international community.


Institute of Chemistry is committed to produce knowledgeable graduates having necessary skills to seek meaningful careers in various fields of interest.

Programs offered

1.          BS (Four-Year)

2.          M.Sc (Two-Year)

3.          MS/M.Phil

4.          Ph.D



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