The Department of Zoology, a discipline of Natural Sciences was established in 2004 and holds a critical position in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The Department right from its beginning has been teaching at BS level. From 2006 on wards the Department offers M.Sc. program for the students of B.Sc (Pass), besides BS and M.Sc programs, the post-graduate research leading to MS/M.Phil degree.


To raise the Department as School of Animal Sciences including all important components like Entomology, Parasitology, Molecular Genetics/ Molecular Biology, Endocrinology, Genetic engineering, Biotechnology. Ecological Museum & Animal House.


  • To create an environment that enables teaching and research to attain high levels of excellence.
  • To provide experimental management of animals for the betterment of humanity, biological control of insects and vertebrate pests.
  • To produce innovative postgraduates in areas of Zoology including Entomology, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Biology and Parasitology that contribute to the development for national and international scenarios.
  • To initiate more research projects.
  • To work in collaboration with national and international organizations in the field of life sciences.


  • To provide graduates familiarity with basic and an advance level of Zoology and its various disciplines such as Entomology, Endocrinology and Parasitology. 
  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge of various zoological aspects which are required for professional activities in the filed.
  • The graduates who are able to manipulate and utilize their training correctly and grip a practical approach to the conservation of animals as well as habitats.
  • To produce graduates with the skills and knowledge of all aspects of life and to critically analyze samples in environmental and biological importance.  
  • The graduate should be able to use the skills of analytical information in various fields of zoology.
  • To understand the architectural principles on which living organisms are constructed the functioning of the various parts, and the mechanism responsible for the development of their complex structure.
  • To produce skilled and competent manpower capable of independent thinking and creativity.
  • To achieve and maintain the highest academic standards in current competitive environment.
  • To promote research based teaching and learning. 


1.         B.S (Four- year)

2.         M. Sc (Two-year)

3.         MS/M.Phil

4.         Ph.D


Faculty Members


Dr.Abdul Manan Shaikh
Assistant Professior (In Charge)
Email: amanan.shaikh@salu.edu.pk
Work: +92 243 9880436

  Ms. Fakhra Soomro
Lecturer (on study leave for PhD)
Email: fakhra.soomro@salu.edu.pk
Work: +92 243 



Ms. Majeeda Ruk
M.Sc (University of Sindh)
Email: majeeda.ruk@salu.edu.pk
Work: +92 243 

  Dr. Safdar Ali Ujjan
M.Sc (University of Sindh) Ph.D (France)
Email: safdar.ujjan@salu.edu.pk
Work: +92 243 



Dr. Javed Ahmed Ujjan
Assistant Professor (TTS)
M.Sc (QAU Islamabad), Ph.D (China)
Email: javed.ujan@salu.edu.pk
Work: +92 243 

  Dr. Zaib-un-Nisa
Assistant Professor (IPFP)
Email: zaib.nisa@salu.edu.pk
Work: +92 243 



Dr. Hakim Ali Sahito
Assistant Professor (IPFP)
M.Sc., Ph.D & Post Doc; (Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam)
Email: hakim.sahito@salu.edu.pk
Work: +92 243 

  Dr. Khadim Hussain Memon
Assistant Professor (IPFP)
M.Sc, (University of Sindh) Ph.D (China)
Email: khadim.hussain@salu.edu.pk
Work: +92 243 



Ms. Moomal Memon
BS (SALU, Khairpur)
Work: +92 243 9880436

  Ms. Shabana Naz Wassan
BS (SALU, Khairpur)
Work: +92 243 




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