The Department of Sindhi was established in 1990. The Department has published eight issues of Research Journal Bhittai including Tanveer Abbasi number and Shaikh Ayaz number. Twelve scholars have been awarded degrees of M.Phil and Ph.D. Students are encouraged to be involved in research and literary activities. More than hundred monographs have been written on various literary topics, by the students. The Department provides research facilities to young scholars. This Department is actively involved to protect and promote the culture, language, literature and venerated tradition of Sindh, especially of Khairpur region. The Department is not only providing general education and literature but also moral education to the students for their character building. 


The Department is working for the promotion of art, culture, language and literature, which are the main sources of social awareness and stability in the society.


·         To motivate people towards Sindhi language and Sindhi books.

·         To work for the love, peace and harmony in society through mystic poetry of Sufi poets.

·         To work for the promotion of Sindhi language, literature and culture.


1.         BS (Four-year)

2.         MA (Two-years)



Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur 
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