Physics & Electronics



The Department of Physics was established in the year 1988. It offers BS (Four-Year) Program and M.Sc. Degree course. It also offers Physics courses as minor subject to the students doing BS (Four years program in the Department of Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics).


The Department of Physics & Electronics intends to offer courses in the new emerging disciplines such as communication system, Geo Physics, Nuclear Physics etc.

As this university belongs to the area of oil and Gas Fields, So department also intends to introduce Geo Physics to educate and train the students of this area to serve these fields.


The department has these main responsibilities

  • To create an environment that enables teaching and researchers to attain high levels of excellence.
  • To promote experimental facilities in the department.
  • To produce graduates at the Bechalors, Masters, Doctorate degree level.


  • Gain an appreciation of physics in common life experiences
  • Gain insight into physical process
  • Understand the Nature of Science
  • Qualitatively analyze and solve problems
  • Gain the ability to think critically


1.   B.S (Four- year)

2.   M.Sc (Two-year)



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