The Department of Geography offers the Bachelor & Master’s level courses in the discipline of Geography. The discipline has been opened to meet the long standing demands of the people of Upper Sindh. The classes of BS(4 year) Program started from the academic year 2005-06 and M.A/M.Sc from the Year 2010. The subject of Geography provides wealth of information and advanced knowledge of the Earth’s surface. It is meant to open further frontiers of knowledge for the students and to give an understanding and the preparation which may help them proceed further to acquire the present day knowledge of the concepts of Geographical Science.

The discipline of Geography deals with physical geography, climatology, hydrography, study of land forms; biogeography, the geography of soils plants, animals, and human geography, the geography of the economic, political and social activities of man in organized communities. Historically geography is concerned primarily with the human geography of the past because so many of the present spatial patterns owe much   to earlier ones, remote sensing & GIS (Geographic in information system) are new market oriented disciplines in geography Various fields of Geography are proposed to be taught in the Syllabus of Bachelor of Studies BS (4 year) Program and M.A/M.Sc (2Year Program).


Create new vistas and impart knowledge and enhance awareness about the Earth as a living planet with reference to Man-environment Interaction and resulting physical and human phenomena amongst the Geography students.


  • To make Geography an integral part of education at all levels
  • To enhance the quality of Geographical education for broader applications and implementation in all walks of life
  • To make Geography effective for the enhancement of quality of environment and wellbeing of humanity
  • To introduce new applied fields of Geography that can fulfill the requirements of the modern world
  • To make Geographic research effective in our daily lives
  • To broaden Geographic research areas and to effectively integrate it with national planning and development.
  • To create insight appreciating current world affairs based on modern geographic areas.


  • To develop an appreciation and understanding of thespatial pattial patterns of Physical and Human features in the environment.
  • To promote a global perspective and international understanding through geographical education for the young generation.
  • To enhance ability for use of geographical processes and concepts, oral, written, numerical and visual presentation skills of the students.
  • To develop students’ abilities in field-based investigations of geographical phenomena in order to execute enthusiastically in education and research.


1.         B.S (Four-year)

2.         M. Sc (Two-year)

Faculty Members

  Dr. Noor Hussain Chandio
Assistant Professor
Phd (PAK)
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