The Department of Statistics was established in 1976. Since then we are imparting best quality education in different courses of statistics. This department offers advanced courses in BS (Four Year) Program, M.Sc. Most recently we have introduced some new courses realizing the fact that the requirement of the statistical courses especially in various other fields is increasingly high.

Statistics is a rapidly evolving discipline with applications to wide variety of other scientific, management and engineering fields. In particular, modern computer technology facilitates the development of high-quality and computer-intensive statistical procedures and makes it possible to apply them to diverse statistical problems in the real world.



Our vision for the next five years is to strengthen our national and international reputation in collaborative scientific activity without compromising our core strength of excellence in statistical theory and methods.Other mandate is to serve as a center of excellence for statistical research and education across the campus, nationally and internationally.



·         Establishment of the Statistical Survey Center for collaborative research and professional development of undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty members.

·         Launching of MS/ PhD program especially in applied statistical sciences.

·         To enhance the enrolment of students in undergraduate and graduate classes.

·         To organize international conferences and other research and educational events of national level during year 2014 -2015 supporting quality research and education in Statistical Sciences.

·         To initiate a research journal of international level covering almost all the areas of Statistical Sciences.



1.   B.S (Four - year)

2.   M. Sc (Two- year)

3.   MS/M.Phil



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