Sociology being mother of Social Sciences plays a significant role in particular the individual growth, and in general over all development of society. The department of sociology was established in the year 2006. Chief objective of department is to produce the social animals with distinctive knowledge, customs, traditions, norms, moral values, obligations and rights in perspective of their society. Sociology gives an individual a deep insight in daily day life problems with appropriate solutions.

Sociology as a discipline imparts an excellent basic education for numerous occupations and professions. It prepares the students for the career options in many fields such as public welfare, community development, planning and organization, social values of rural and urban areas of Pakistan, population studies etc. Sociology plays vital role in the development and betterment of the individual in particular and society in general.


Our vision is to be a world recognized department by developing quality education, dynamic research and globel level social values.


To create a conducive atmosphere for research and awareness against social problems and for their solutions through sociological survey and research.


1.         MA (Two-year)



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