Plant Protection Division

This Section is working on the identification of the date palm diseases caused by several pathogens and to find out the proper remedies against them. The notorious fungal pathogen has created hue & cry in the area by producing a sudden decline disease of date palm trees. The growers have been approaching for the treatment advice for their infected trees. The visits have been made to the infected orchards of the region and treatment has been suggested to the growers. The some of the infected orchards of the region which were treated for the control of drying out disease last year are:
1) Bindi Motayo (Sobho Dero),
2) Kandhra (Rohri),
3) Menhal Ujjan,
4) Faqeer Abad (Kot Digi),
5) Setharja,
6) Bozdar Wada,
7) Tando Masti,
8) Gambat,
9) Mehrabpur
10) Mumtaz Colony (Khairpur) etc.

Threesprays are generally recommended with 15 days interval for the control of soil borne plant pathogens responsible for sudden decline of date palm trees. Several visits have been conducted in different orchards of the region on growers request and trained them how to identify the drying out disease at early stage of its emergence and how to apply Cultural and Chemical treatments to control disease. In cultural control method thegrowers were advised to remove the infected leaves of dying trees and burn them immediately to avoid further spread of disease to other trees, deep ploughing in June & July to kill the soil borne pathogens and to improve the physical condition of soil. Whereas, the chemical control method involves systemic fungicides and fertilizer applications. 



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