Media Studies




The Department of Media Studieswas established in 2005. It concentrates on developing a critical understanding of the role of Mass Media in contemporary times.

The department promotes inter-disciplinary approaches to study and accesses the evolution, history, role and impact of Mass Media in Pakistan. The department engages students in study trips to media industries to broaden their technical expertise in practical way. 




The mission of the departmentis to develop the broad vision and cognitive ability of students to understand the nature of contemporary society. The department plans to equip students with the modern trends of the field. 



To promote the credibility, excellence and ethics of Media. It also works wonders to advance the level of students in terms of global communication.



·         To develop the ability of students to write, speak, analyze and perform correctly, clearly and critically.

·         To enrich the students to demonstrate understanding of gender, race, ethnicity and other forms of diversity in domestic society as well as global culture.

·         To enhance the curiosity of students to demonstrate the ability to think critically, creatively and independently.  


1.         B.S (Four-year)

2.         M.A (Two-year)



Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur 
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Khairpur Mir's, 66020 Sindh, Pakistan


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