The Department of Mathematics at Shah Abdul Latif University was established in 1987 and now is one of the fastest growing mathematics departments in the Pakistan. It has an excellent reputation, a strong, demanding program of BS, MSc: and MS/MPhil courses with international syllabi offerings in accordance with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) directives. The department of mathematics has committed faculty members keen for progress and eager to emerge in world mathematics scenario; in this effort every faculty member is busy with their international research collaborators in projects with numerous publications. The department of mathematics has sufficient faculty with varied research interests in applied and pure mathematics which cater about over 300 full-time students in the BS program and 40 students in the MS program.

Department of Mathematics also offers its services to other departments of the university in the form of teaching mathematics subjects to various faculties and their respective departments ranging from applicable algebra and calculus to decision makings of basic statistics and inferential statistics.



Mathematics develops computational skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. The theory, discipline, and techniques taught in mathematics courses are especially important in today's society. The faculty of the Department of Mathematics recognizes this and strives to ensure that the students obtain this knowledge. At the same time, the faculty contributes to the discipline by fundamental research in pure and applied Mathematics.


The Department of Mathematics offers courses and programs of study that ensure that the student will be able to contribute to the society. The students will obtain abilities to critically assess numerical and graphical information; learn to formulate strategies for solving problems; and acknowledge the importance of being intellectually curious throughout their lives. The Department, through its faculty, will continue to contribute to the body of knowledge of the discipline, whether in traditional research, or applied research. 


The students after completion of the graduate and post graduate study in Mathematics should be able to:

  • Be familiar with that mathematics is an art as well as a dominant initial tool of science with vast applications.
  • Validate an understanding of the theoretical concepts and axiomatic foundations of Mathematics and an ability to build proofs at the appropriate level.
  • Show competency in mathematical modelling of complex phenomena, problem solving and decision making in life.
  • Determine a level of proficiency in quantitative and computing skills adequate to meet the demands of society.



1.         B.S (Four - year)

2.         M. Sc (Two-year)

3.         MS/M.Phil

4.         Ph.D



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