Herbarium housed around 5000 pressed & dried specimens collected from different areas of Sindh in recent past. It is enlisted with “Index Herbariorum” managed by the New York Botanical Garden with acronym SLUBGH (http://sweetgum.nybg.org/ih/herbarium.php?irn=158212).

The available space and gadgets with all support systems created conducive working atmosphere.

Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are regarded as the main centers for the conservation of wild species. Their concern is largely with rare and endangered species & is increasingly involved in programs of their conservation & reintroduction into the wild.

The Garden is first and foremost a scientific institution, dedicated to the pursuit of research of highest quality on the Systematics and biology of plants, Environmental Education, Conservation & Ethno-Botany.

In addition to its scientific role, the Garden is also major tourist attraction, providing inspiration, relaxation & pleasures to visitors of all age. It disseminates civic sense among the visitors that how to keep surrounding net, green and clean.

The different parts of Botanical Garden are named to represent different regions of Pakistan includes:                Indus Arboretum,

  1. Ravi Park,
  2. Bolan Aromatics
  3. Khyber Succulent.

Besides, some thematic areas have also identified and included such as:

  1. Window of Desert;
  2. Ibn-e-Bitar;
  3. Aroma corner;
  4. Vegetables,
  5. Cash crop.
  6. The/Pond Lake
  7. Humid tropical Glass House
  8. Nursery

A walk way is named after Darwin as “DARWAN’s SAND WALK”        



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