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1. Grading Plan: Effective from Year 2010 & onward for new admissions of BBA & MBA

Letters Value Numerical Marks Grade Point
A 87-100 4.0
B 72-86 3 to 3.9
C 60-71 2 to 2.9
F Below-60 0


2. G.P.A: The Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of each student shall be determined as under:

For award of BBA/ MBA Degree, if the second fraction after decimal is 5 or more in such cases i.e. 2.95/ 2.96, and 3.95/ 3.96, it will be taken into account by raising the first fraction to the next higher digit/ round figure i.e. 3.0 and 4.0 respectively provided no other person is effected/ influenced with that change.

(iv) In case of allowing probation in a course, and promotion in the next semester to a student, if the second fraction after decimal is 5 or more, it will be taken into account by raising the first fraction to the next higher digit that will be as G.P.A 0.95 or 0.96 can be raised to 1.0.

(v) C.G.P.A. and Percentage in Marks Sheet: The C.G.P.A. of student Shall be recorded in the Marks sheet/ Transcript along with overall percentage obtained by the student in four semesters.

(vi) No “make up” exam is allowed in any course under any circumstance.

3. GPA for Award of Degree: The minimum G.P.A shall be 2.0 for award of BBA/ MBA Degree to a student provided he/she passes all courses.

4. 2 Grade Point (GP) Effective from Year 2011-12 on New Admissions:

Grade ‘C’ Marks Range 60 to 71:

Percentage Grade Point
Marks G.P
60.0 2.0
61.5 2.12
63.0 2.25
64.5 2.37
66.0 2.50
67.5 2.62
69.0 2.75
70.5 2.87

Grade ‘B’ Marks Range 72 to 86:

72.0                      3.0
73.5 3.1
75.0 3.2
76.5 3.3
78.0 3.4
79.5 3.5
81.0 3.6
82.5 3.7
84.0 3.8
85.5 3.9

Grade ‘A’ Marks Range 87 to 100:

87 to 100 4.0

5. Probation:

A student who is fail in any course shall be allowed on probation to pass the course. No semester break will be allowed to the probationers.

  • A student failing to obtain a minimum G.P.A of 2.0 in any semester will be placed on probation provided he/she shall not be fail in more than three courses and his G.P.A is not less than 1.33.
  • Two consecutive probations are permissible in each course to pass or to maintain GPA of 2.0.

6. Promotion of student (s) in next Semester:

(i) A student is required to maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 1.33 in each semester for probation & promotion in the next higher semester courses. A student, who is fail in three courses, but not in four courses, shall also be promoted to next semester provided he shall have GPA 1.33.

(ii) A student failing to maintain GPA of 2.0 or fail in any course but maintaining GPA 2.0, shall be placed on probation and he shall be promoted to next semester provided his GPA is not less than 1.33. A student placed on probation shall repeat all the courses in which he/ she is fail and or such other courses as recommended by the Department as soon as the course (s) are offered next.

(iii) A student who is fail in four courses in any semester or did not maintain G.P.A 1.33 in a semester or did not maintain continuity in appearing in the Examinations but avail semester break he/ she shall be dropped from the roll of SALU.

(iv) Restoration of Admission Student achieving less than GPA 1.33 and declared drop in any semester may be provided with one chance to repeat the same semester in order to improve GPA up to or more than 1.33, till that he/she will not promoted in the next semester for which he/she has to submit a fresh application for restoration of admission and to pay full fees of the academic year.

7. Improvement of Grade ‘C’: A student who has obtained BBA/MBA Degree in Grade C or a student of BBA/MBA Program shall be allowed to improve his grade C in the course (s) in any semester. The marks distribution for probationer/ failure/ improver student is as under:

Semester Final Test 80 Marks Presentation on case/ Assignment 20 Marks

8. MBA/BBA Courses Marks Break-up:

(a) Each credit course carries 100 marks of which 30% percent marks are reserved for Mid Term test & 50% Marks on final test and remaining 20% on assignment / presentation and attendance.

(b) The break-up of Sessional 60 marks of each course is as under:

(c) Minimum passing marks in each course is 60 percent.


1. Mid Term Test, 30 Marks
2. Final Test 50 Marks
2. Assignment 05 Marks
3. Students’ presentation in class 10 Marks
4. Attendance : 05 Marks
Total marks per course 100

Note: A student who is Failure/ Improver or on Probation shall have to pay Examination Fee of Rs.500.00 (Rupees five hundred) for each course.

9. Semester Committee:

That if any Student applies for re-assessment his/her application will be entertained within 7 days of the announcement of the result from controller of examination with the payment of Rs. 2000/- per subject. However, if his request is found genuine and marks are changed the fees will be refunded to the student.

10. Restoration of Admission 

Student achieving less than 1.33 GPA in any semester may be provided with one chance to repeat the same semester in order to improve GPA up to or more than 1.33, till that he/she will not promote in next semester for which. He/she has to pay full fees of the academic year.


In Semester system the Teacher shall return the scripts of Mid Term Test after assessment of test within a week to the student for feedback and get returned back from the students. The teacher will keep the assessed scripts for the period of 2 months after the announcement of Final result of the semester courses by the Controller of Examination.



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