The Department of Economics was established in the year 1978. The Department provides unique opportunity to the students, who want to acquire deep understanding in the field, by effective configuration of resources with qualified faculty and modern teaching methodologies. We develop strength in faculty by academic collaboration with universities and institutes, take care of supporting staff, create and promote research environment. We focus on producing quality product / graduates contributing an economic, industrial and social development.


 Strive for Quality & Excellence in developing strategic skills, managerial capabilities for producing Managers and Executives.


Our mission is to improve the managerial capabilities, so that the students not only know more about concerned courses, but also can work with others to manage their own resources in the best manner by starting their own business. It can be achieved by extending and developing knowledge in business courses, judgment and strategic skills that will enable graduates to utilize the tools of economics


1.    B.S (Four-year)

2.    M. Sc (Two-year)

3.    MS/M.Phil

4.    Ph.D



Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur 
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