Date Palm Nursery

The Nursery at DPRI having several elite varieties of Date palm collected from all over the Pakistan and few from Middle East. The germplasm include 9 varieties of Balochistan (Begum Jangi, Muzawati, Aab-e-dandan, Gogna, Peshna, Shakri, Koozan Abad, Hussain early and Hussaini Late);
15 varieties of Sindh( Aseel, Kachoo wari, Gajjar, Dedhi, Nakul Kurh, Bhedir, Began, Pir wari, Autaqin, Hawa wari, Asul Kurh, Ashrafi, Acho Khur, Acho Khurmo and Kupro); 1 variety of KPK (Dhakki); 3 varieties from Saudi Arabia (Ajwa, Safawi and Ruthana). Last year offshoots of two varieties from Kuwait have also been planted. Observations on vegetative and reproductive attributes are recording annually. The regular irrigation, fertilization, foliar and pesticide sprays and ploughing of land of nursery is going on. The establishment of Nursery is a result of an effort to collect and preserve germplasm. This collection will prove to be a good source of all kinds of experimental work and studies.



Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur 
Mailing address:
Old National Highway,
Khairpur Mir's, 66020 Sindh, Pakistan


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