Completed Projects

Completed reserch project


  1. Documentations of Budhist Sites in Upper Sindh: ---31-01-2002
  2. Uniprimitive Permutation Group of Groups 6p: ---02-02-2002
  3. Biosynthesis of Cellulolytic Enzyme Fungi Using Sugarcane Waste as Substrate: ---January-2002
  4. The Case Study of Water Logging and Salinity at Shah Abdul Latif University: ---26-12-2001
  5. The Thar Desert:An Archaeological and Enthnoarchaeological Survey: ---25-02-2004
  6. Manuscripts of Sukkur Division: ---05-08-2000
  7. Biosynthesis of Amylase by Fungi Using Sugarcane Waste as Substrate: ---29-10-2001
  8. Drinking Water Quality in Khairpur Sukkur and Rohri: Physioco-Bacterological Studies: ---14-09-2001
  9. Role of Literature in Social Development: ---16-11-2002
  10. Prevalence of Nosocomial infections in Sukkur District: ---20-11-2005


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