The Central Library


The Central Library of the University is a source of information for all graduate, as well as, post -graduate programs and also related material for research students.  The library contains 113439 books.  (Book Bank and Government Publications), with providing the facility of online digital library linked with HEC, the Central Library consists of following sections:

  Book Bank Section

As majority of students of this University, belong to poor families and cannot afford the purchase of expensive text books  particularly  on  Science  subjects.  In  order  to  facilitate  such  poor  students,  Higher  Education  Commission, Islamabad  provided  10817  text  books  on  different  subjects  through  National  Book  Foundation  under  Book  Bank Scheme. These are issued to the students on nominal charges for one academic session.

  Reference Section

In order to raise the research potential reference work like Encyclopedias, Year Books, Hand books, Annual Reports, Atlases etc are made available for reference of students, teachers and research fellows of the University.

 Internet Facility

Smart University Project

Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur provide the State of art Smart WiFi network service to its students. Students can use smart university services within university premises. As well as more than 35 other universities of Pakistan with same user ID and password under the Smart University Project


Approximately 30 dailies are available at Central Library.

  Library Timings

In order to provide more reading facilities to the students, faculty & research scholars, the Central Library remain opened for 12 hours from 8:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M on all the working days, during Semester examinations from 8:00 A.M to 10:00

P.M, as desired by the worthy Vice Chancellor.

  Seminar Libraries

In addition to the Central Library every individual Institutes/Departments has a Seminar Library of its own with a sufficient number of books to suffice the needs of the teachers and the taught.