Two games wrestling & weightlifting events/activities allotted to below mentioned HEIs and their focal person’s contact information are as under

HEIName of Focal PersonContact NoEmail
Sindh Agriculture University, TandojamMr. Anwar Hussain Khanzada, Director SportsLandline# 022-3405220
Mob. No. 0300-9377924
University of PeshawarBahr-e-Karam, Director SportsLandline# 091-9216724
Mob. No. 0300-5922071
Air University, IslamabadMr. Hamid Mehmood, Sports Officer051-9252557-9/ Ext401
Mob. No. 0333-4894790
University of Engineering & TechnologyKhuzdar Waqar Hazoor, Director SportsMob. No. 03337848247
Landline# 0848-521011
University of Vet. & Animal Sciences, LahoreRana Amjad Iqbal, Director Sports042-99214181
Mob. No. 0300-8898224
HEIName of Focal PersonContact NoEmail
Shah Abdul Latif University, KhairpurMuhammad Murad Pirzada, Director Sports0243-9280336
Mob. No. 0300-3139081
Abdul Wali Khan University, MardanMr. Farooq Hussain, Director Sports0937-929095
Mob. No 0333-9192912
COMSATS University, IslamabadMuhammad Mushtaq, Manager Sports051-90496077
Mob. No. 0300-4852692, 0313-5480114
Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water & Marine Sciences, UthalJunaid
University of the Punjab, LahoreMrs. Tahira Saleem, Acting Director Sports0423-7240163