1. Name of Degree:
    The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy PhD shall be awarded in Sciences, Social Sciences Arts and Languages, Management Sciences, Education and Law Disciplines/ subjects taught in the Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur and its affiliated Colleges/Institutions.
  2. Nature of Degree:
    1. he PhD Degree shall be a (a) coursework of at least 18 credit hours in two semesters, and (b) Two Seminars and Open Defense (c) research by Dissertation/Thesis followed by Viva-voce Examination along with thesis defense will be essential for the award of PhD Degree.
    2. The thesis should be a piece of work embodying either a discovery of new facts or a fresh interpretation of facts or theories, in either case the work should show the candidates capacity for synthesis of data, its critical examination and judgment.
    3. The standard of the research embodied in the thesis must be higher than that of MS/MPhil Thesis.
  3. Duration of PhD Degree:
    The duration for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree for Full Time Research Scholar should be 03 years (Minimum) and 08 years (Maximum).
  4. Course Work:
    1. The coursework (18 Credit Hours) shall be in 1st and 2nd semester of First year followed by a Comprehensive Examination for granting candidacy as PhD research and Thesis research work on the topic duly recommended by Scrutiny Committee and approved by the ASRB will be in 2nd and 3rd years.
    2. If the research scholar of PhD Program completes his/ her maximum period of 08 years and unable to qualify for award of PhD degree then, he/ she shall be liable to get fresh registration in PhD Program subject to the approval of ASRB. 
    3. Every concerned Institute/Department is responsible to design core and elective courses and, for obtaining approval for the same through the proper channel.
    4. 75% attendance is mandatory for appearing in semesters’ examinations for coursework.
  5. Eligibility for admission:
    1. A candidate possessing MS/MPhil or Master Degree with 17½ or 18 years education or equivalent qualification with 1st Division (Annual System) or CGPA 3.00 (out of 4.00 in Semester System) from Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur or from any other HEC recognized university shall be compulsory for admission in PhD Program.
    2. A test equivalent to GRE test/subject test will be necessary to pass by the candidate for admission to MS/MPhil leading to PhD.
    3. The students having NTS GRE (Subject) test with a minimum 60% valid score will be exempted from appearing in pre-admission written entry test.
    4. A candidate initially registered for MPhil/ MS Program may also get transferred/conversion to PhD Program after completing coursework requirement for MPhil/MS on the basis of their outstanding performances (3+GPA). In addition, if any research scholar completes MS/MPhil coursework with 3 GPA and completed one year research work on approved topic and delivered one seminar successfully, he/she shall also be eligible for conversion to PhD Program, provided he/ she will complete 18 C.H coursework.
  6. Departmental Test equal to NTS (GAT/GRE) Test
    Uniform policy/criteria for conducting the Subject test at par with NTS test (GAT/GRE) at University Level to ensure and maintain quality for admissions in PhD program approved by Advanced Study and Research Board in its 54th meeting held on 20.12.2014 from the academic session 2014-15 and onwards considering the letter No1-340/A&C-Law/HEC/2014/505 dated May 27, 2014 received from Chairman HEC.
    1. The Entry Test criteria for PhD. candidate:
      1. The test/ interview/oral test will be conducted by the following Committee:
        • The Director/Chairperson of the Institute/Department concerned.
        • Three Senior Teachers of the Institute/Department concerned who are Research Supervisors.
        • One expert as a member. Preferably a Professor with (PhD.). If
          Professor is not available, then one Associate Professor or Assistant Professor with (PhD.) other than Shah Abdul Latif University.
        • The Director, Postgraduate Studies.
      2. The time recommended for the test will be one hour.
      3. A test will be designed with a weightage of 50 Marks and, the passing
        marks/percentage will be 60%.
      4. The candidates who qualify will have to undertake oral exam/interview of 25 makes.
      5. Total maximum marks will be 75.
  7. Foreign Degree Equivalence:
    A candidate who has a Degree from the Country other than Pakistan may first obtain the equivalence of his/ her Degree from Pakistan.
  8. Registration Requirement:
    1. The Synopsis/Research Proposal of the PhD scholars (consisting of not more than 1000 words)using the prescribed template with the topic approval application/ (Form-B) will be submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies alongwith soft copies and after getting the Similarity Index Checking Reports from the Directorate of ORIC the same will be sent to the Deans of concerned faculties through the Directors/Chairpersons/ Incharges of the teaching institutes/departments for placing before the Scrutiny Committees. The recommendations of SC will be placed before the Advanced Studies & Research Board (ASRB) for its final approval.(Approved by ASRB vide Resolutions No.17 in its 60th meeting held on 03.05.2017).
    2. The application form for Registration of Research Work shall be accompanied by:
      • Outlines of the topic.
      • Justification and scope of Research.
      • Bibliography.
      • Eligibility Certificate (where ever necessary).
      • Service Certificate along with No Objection/spar-ability Certificate where ever applicable).
    3. Every student shall pursue his/her research at Institute/Department/ Centre and other Institutions within the jurisdiction of the Shah Abdul Latif University and duly recognized for this purpose by ASRB.
    4. After getting plagiarism report of synopsis from Directorate of ORIC the same will be placed before the ASRB for its final approval in light of the recommendations of Scrutiny Committee.
    5. The registration shall be effective from the notifying date/ commencement of PhD coursework classes.
    6. The candidate registered as PhD Research Scholar shall submit study leave, duly granted by the competent authority of the concerned department.
    7. Registration will not be allowed in subject not being taught in the University.
    8. The approved Supervisors shall only be recognized as Guides for MS/MPhil/PhD candidates in their own Institutes/departments whereas they can be allowed to be Co-Guide in any other related department/field.
    9. A comprehensive Exam (maximum 2 attempts) is requirement for all doctoral program, and precedes defense for the PhD research proposal. The student must pass both written and oral components after the completion of 18 credit Hours Coursework. Successful completion of the both the comprehensive exam and the PhD research proposal must be completed before a student can be granted Doctoral Candidacy status.
  9. Scrutiny Committee (SC):
    1. The Scrutiny Committee shall be comprised of the following members:
      1. Dean.
      2. Chairperson/Director concerned (wherever available).
      3. Three Professors/Associate Professor of the concerned Department/ Institute/Centre. If the Professors/Associate Professors are not available in any Department, an expert in the concerned field may be appointed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendations of the Chairperson/Dean concerned.
      4. The Director, Postgraduate Studies.
         (The Director of Postgraduate Studies shall attend all the MS/MPhil& PhD Seminars, Meetings of Scrutiny Committees, Comprehensive V. Voce of all the faculties/departments of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur including all such research activities pertaining to the Directorate and the Signature of Director, Postgraduate Studies on Evaluation Reports/Minutes etc. will be mandatory).
  10. Requirements for award of PhD Degree:
    1. MS/MPhil/ MA/ MBA/ M.Com/ MIT/ MCS with 18 Years education with 1st Division or CGPA 3.00
    2. Subject to qualify subject comprehension Test/GRE Test (NTS) 
    3. Coursework of PhD level minimum 18 credit hours
    4. Two Seminars on approved topic of Dissertation/ Research Project/Thesis and 3rd Seminar/Open Defense/Viva Voce.
    5. Only published (not the accepted) research paper in “X” category in HEC recognized journals from PhD research work is a requirement (“Y” in case of Social Sciences only) for the award of PhD degree. The candidate must be the first author of the research paper, with names of Supervisor(s) as Co-author(s).
  11. Cancellation of Registration:
    1. The research scholar is required to carry on his/her studies and research regularly under the guidance of Supervisor. If the Guide is not satisfied with the progress of the candidate, he/she may at any time recommend to the Vice Chancellor for cancellation of registration.
    2. The Research Scholar is required to pay the prescribed fees regularly, failing which his/her registration, may be cancelled.
    3. The Research Scholar is required to carry on his/her studies and research regularly within prescribed period, and shall submit thesis within a prescribed maximum period from the date of registration.
    4. No student shall without the prior permission of the ASRB, join any other examination conducted by any university during the period he/she is continuing registration for research work in PhD degree.
  12. Research Guide Lines:
    1. He/She shall be a Professor or an Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Emeritus Professor of recognized University as approved by the ASRB.
    2. There shall be evidence of active independent research work at his/her credit.
    3. Co-guide/Co-Supervisor is a teacher, researcher or an expert who is a PhD degree holder. In case collaborative research with the approved Institutes/Organization, the Supervisor shall have to be from the University Department and Co-guide shall be taken from the collaborative Institute concerned or vice versa.
    4. Faculty members who possess the PhD degree having 2 research articles published in the International Repute Journals shall be considered for appointment as Research Supervisor/Co-Supervisor for MS/MPhil/PhD. However, their cases will be processed through the Scrutiny Committee. (Amendment approved by ASRB in its 57th meeting vide Resolution No.9(G) held on 08.02.2016).
  13. Research Guide Lines:
    1. The ASRB shall appoint a Guide (and Co-Guide where ever deemed necessary) for Research Scholar.
    2. Appointment of Additional Supervisors for MS/MPhil&PhD. scholars shall not be allowed at any stage.
    3. At the time of submission of synopsis, the applicant should submit the justification for the need of co-guide and the Scrutiny Committee shall consider the case in view of the justification.
    4. Not more than Five (05) Research Scholars shall be registered under the guidance of a Supervisor in an academic year, provided that the total number of scholars does not exceed Twelve (12) at a time (for both MS/MPhil & PhD degree) but PhD scholars should not exceed from 05.
  14. Modification/Change of Research Topic:
    A candidate may, within one Year after the approval of the Topic, modify/change the topic of his/her research. The research Scholar shall submit his/ her application duly recommended by the Supervisor, recommended by the Scrutiny Committee and forwarded by the Chairperson/Director/ Dean of the concerned Faculty to ASRB for final approval.
  15. Change of Guide:
    1. In case the candidate desires to change his/her Guide he/she shall have to apply through the Director/Chairperson and the Dean concerned. The “No Objection Certificate” from approved Guide and the willingness of the proposed Guide is necessary; the grounds for such a request shall be clearly specified. But this change of Supervisor shall be at least SIX months after the approval of Topic.
      However, in case of emergency or death of Guide the Research Scholar can change his/her guide at any time.
    2. If the Guide is not satisfied with the progress of the candidate, he may at any time recommend to the ASRB for cancellation of registration to PhD. The decision of the Board shall be final and binding.
  16. The Policy Guidelines for Transfer of Credit Hours
    1. In case of MS/MPhil the applicants must have completed 24 credit hours coursework at parent University/Institute and at least 01 year period is remained out of 04 years maximum period as per HEC criteria. NO ANY CASE SHALL BE CONSIDERED WHOSE MAXIMUM PERIOD EXPIRED.
    2. In case of PhD. the applicants must have completed 18 credit hours coursework followed by comprehensive examination at parent University/Institute and at least 02 years period is remained out of 08 years maximum period as per HEC criteria. NO ANY CASE SHALL BE CONSIDERED WHOSE MAXIMUM PERIOD EXPIRED.
    3. The following documents should be produced by the applicant.
      • Justification/reasons for transfer of credit hours
      • NOC from parent University/Institute
      • Admission letter in MS/MPhil & PhD. from parent University/Institute.
      • Certificate from parent Universities/Institute whether the applicant was admitted on basis of departmental test/NTS test.
      • Willingness/NOC from the Guide/Director/Chairperson and concerned dean of the faculty of this University.
      • To submit the research proposal for research work.
      • The Scrutiny Committee of the concerned Institute/Department of this University should properly scrutinize the above requirements then the case may be recommended to ASRB for approval.
  17. Procedure for Conduct of Comprehensive Examination of PhD students
    1. After completing the 18 credit hours of the coursework of PhD Program the Comprehensive Examination as Per HEC criteria may be conducted.
    2. The Committee consisting of the following in each department will conduct the Comprehensive Examinations:
      • The Dean of the concerned Faculties.   Convener
      • The Chairperson of the department Member
      • Three senior PhD faculty members, who conducted Members
        the classes of the Coursework of PhD students. 
      • The Director, Postgraduate Studies.   Member
      • The marks distribution for Comprehensive Examinations shall be:
        i. Written paper (MCQ)  50 marks
        ii. Viva-voce Examination  50 marks
        Total 100 marks
        NOTE: The 50% shall be passing marks and below 50% shall be declared fail.
    3. The Controller of Examinations will include the marks in the ledger of the coursework of PhD students and also same may be mentioned in the transcript to be issued to the students.
  18. Pre-requisite for submission of Thesis:
    1. Conduct of Two Seminars of PhD Research Scholar: The PhD research scholar will deliver Two Seminars on the research topic, which shall be mandatory. The Dean of the concerned Faculty shall preside over the seminars, also the Dean, Chairperson/Director of the concerned Department/Institute, Supervisor and the Director, Postgraduate Studies shall prepare the evaluation report of the seminars. In case any seminar is found not satisfactory the same shall be arranged after 02 months
    2. The language of the thesis in case of Faculty of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences Arts and Languages, Management Sciences, Education and Law shall be English Language only.
    3. The thesis may be written in a language approved by the ASRB. The thesis, which is submitted in language other than in disciplines such as English, Islamic Culture and Religion, must have a summary of the thesis written in English as well.
    4. The thesis must make a distinct contribution to knowledge and afford evidence of original independent research.
    5. The Supervisor shall submit progress report of research scholar after every six months through Director /Chairperson and the Dean concerned Institute/ Department which shall be placed before the ASRB.
    6. The Supervisor shall certify that the thesis is examined through Plagiarism Software and clear that is worthy of presentation to the University for the PhD Degree. The research scholar shall submit unbounded Thesis for obtaining clearance through Plagiarism Software from office of the Director ORIC.
    7. The Research Scholar shall receive the Clearance Certificate from the office of the Director ORIC than he/she shall submit the 06 unbounded copies of Thesis (11” x 9” size) duly certified by Supervisor and forwarded/recommended by the Director/ Chairperson and Dean of concerned faculty.
    8. The Dean of the concerned Faculty shall recommend the names of foreign Experts and External Examiners with consultation of the Supervisor/ Chairperson to the Vice Chancellor for Evaluation and Examination of the Research Scholar for award of PhD Degree.
  19. Evaluation of Thesis:
    1. PhD Thesis Evaluation:
      The PhD Research Thesis will be sent to two foreign examiners for evaluation by the Controller of Examinations.
    2. Three (03) foreign examiners from technologically advanced countries must be appointed for evaluation of PhD dissertation.  The Supervisor shall recommend a panel of Six Foreign External Examiners in the relevant field through the Chairperson/Director of the Department/Institute and the Dean of the concerned Faculty. The ASRB shall appoint three external examiners from them for evaluation of PhD Dissertation and out of three two evaluation reports should be positive. In case two foreign examiners disagree with the award of the PhD degree than another foreign examiner shall be appointed and his/her decision shall be final.
    3. The Research Scholar shall incorporate the suggestions given by expert(s)/external examiner(s) (in any) duly certified by Supervisor, then he/ she shall submit the bounded Thesis (11” x 9” size) 06Six Copies (alongwith Softcopy on CD) in Brown Color with Golden writing/approved formatto the Controller of Examination through the concerned Department/ Institute and Dean of faculty.
    4. The remuneration will be paid to the foreign external examiners by the university. The suggested remuneration by the HEC is US $300 for each foreign examiner.
    5. Appointment of Local Examiners:
      Conduct of Open defense instead of Viva Voce Examination
      As per HEC minimum criteria for PhD Program under para-5 an open defense of dissertation is essential part of PhD Program after positive evaluation reports received from Foreign Examiners. In this regards Supervisor through Chairperson/Director of the Department/Institute and the Dean of the concerned Faculty shall recommend the panel of 04 Local Examiners from the Universities of Pakistan and the ASRB shall appoint Two Local Examiners to evaluate the Open defense of the PhD scholar.
    6. The open defense shall be presided over by the Vice Chancellor or his/her nominee and two local examiners. The local examiners shall prepare the evaluation report of the Open defense duly signed by the Supervisor and Dean of the concerned Faculty and to submit the same to the Vice Chancellor for approval. In case the open defense is not found satisfactory, another chance may be given to the Research Scholar after 02 months.
      However, this will be done only when positive reports are obtained from the two foreign examiners for evaluation of thesis.
  20. Award of PhD Degree:
    1. The Controller of Examination shall place the reports before the ASRB, which may take any of the following decisions:
      1. To reject the thesis if the examiners have agreed that the thesis is not adequate.
      2. To permit the candidate to re-submit his/her thesis in a revised form within a period of six month or;
      3. To recommend the Academic Council for award of PhD Degree to the candidate.