The Department of Teacher Education was established in the end of year 2014 under Faculty of Education. The Faculty of Education Building was donated by USAID, with state of the art facilities like; multipurpose hall along with multimedia system and sound system connected with internet facility & digital computer lab fully equipped with cor i5 laptops, seminar library with latest editions of books and research journals and news papers, fully air-conditioned and science lab: to run teacher education programs. The purpose is to provide an alternative paradigm of teacher education considering structural changes in the system of teacher education, while redefining the teachers’ role within the framework of the school education system.

Mr. Ghulam Ali Keerio The Department of Teacher Education (DTE) at main campus initially offered 4- Incharge Chairman years B.Ed (Hons) Elementary which can be recognized as a New Teacher Education Program for 21st Century Teachers. The Department also admits 2-year Associate Degree in Education (ADE) passed students in 5th semester who come from affiliated colleges of other universities.

The department enrolled 1st batch of M.Phil in 2015 and currently 3rd batch is enrolled. Keeping in view the future needs M.Phil Education with specialization in Educational Technology has also been offered.

To fully utilize infrastructure and to produce more professional teachers for Pre-primary, Elementary & Secondary Education, the Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education, 2.5 year conversion program of B.Ed Elementary and 1.5 year conversion program of Secondary Education have been started in evening time.

To standardize all academic programs, B.Ed (4 Year) Program has accredited in “Y level” and B.Ed (1.5-Year) program is under process of accreditation from National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE).

To transfer various educational models of developed countries, to discuss the educational issues and their remedies, an International Conference on Research in Education & Technologies was organized in 2017.

The Department provides conducive learning and research environment to the students of graduate & undergraduate level through various celebrations & competitions.