The Students Attendance Cell was re-activated by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah on 01-03-2013 for the purpose of maintaining the students attendance record and ensure the regularity and punctually of students of various classes. Since the establishment of the Attendance Cell, it has been providing the monthly feedback and consolidated final list of eligible and not eligible students to every department of the University as per eligibility criteria to appear in final test.


Aims and objectives

  1. To maintain the record of regularity and punctually of students.
  2. To develop a systematic approach to gathering and analyzing attendance related data of each department for every semester.
  3. To develop the positive and consistent communication with the head of departments of the University for cooperation and integration.
  4. The Cell also provides some incentives and rewards to those students who will be attending classes more than required standard i-e 75% and performing very well in the academic activities.
  5. Any student whose attendance is less than 75% in each semester shall not be considered to appear in final test.
  6. Any student who walks out from class after attendance should also be marked absent without any leniency.
  7. The Cell will also help to the students in career development and academic progress problems through counseling programs.
  8. The aim of Students Attendance Cell is to motivate the students of the University for achieving the excellent level of attendance and punctually in classes.
  9. The purpose of the Cell is to maintain and up-to-date records of attendance for monitoring and evaluating the performance of students in all level of classes of the different departments of the University.

Policy & Procedure for Filling Attendance Sheets

  • Original attendance sheets will be collected on the next day of the every class of different departments
  • The teachers of the departments of the University must be the strict in marking attendance of students of same day in the attendance sheet. No leniency in this respect is shown.
  • Teachers have to cross the roll number of absent students in each class.
  • Teachers should fill all the required information in the attendance sheet.
  • If all students are absent in the class, even then the teachers have to submit the attendance sheet within the prescribed time.
  • Teachers must submit their attendance sheets of every day to the head of departments.
  • If any reason a teacher has not submitted attendance sheet of the students within the prescribed time than that teacher will submit the same attendance sheet through proper channel.
  • Summary of finalized and consolidate results of attendance of every department will be sent to the Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellors, Deans of all the faculties and Chairperson/Incharge of the various Departments.
  • The minimum requirement for eligibility of students to appear in final test is 75% attendance.