The museum building is provided with a black top road which will be connected with university road which will provide and easy access to the visitors. The museum building will be surrounded with lawns different types of plants and flowers. There will be display of cultural Items like boat and bull cart for entertainment and amusement of visitors.

The museum provides best facilities for research. The scholars and students will have to access to the laboratories furnished with all necessary equipments including computers and microscopes. There will be Pale botanical lab, Pale zoological lab, cartography, conservation, artifacts classification and analysis lab etc. there will be a library on which all related books and journals will be available to students and scholars.

The auditorium is another key component of museum where conference seminar lectures etc can be held. The auditorium will facilitate at least 50 people. There will be cultural shows through major documentaries produced by this museum, National Geography, BBC etc. for which al arangemtns will be made

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